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You will find here information about hand dipped candles for every occasion, made in many colours and from the best raw materials.

All our candles are produced in our own workshop where we guarantee the best quality. It's of utmost importance to us that our candles burn long, with a bright and steady flame, without either smoke, an unpleasant smell, sizzling or wax dripping. Candles are coloured right the way through because we dye the wax from which we dip them! Thanks to this, we can assure you of nothing but pleasure when you use them!

At the moment we are producing candles 30 cm long and 22 mm in diameter in various colours. Available colours can be found in our gallery or on our order form. We are constantly working on expanding our range so that everybody will find something to suit them.

Of course it's also possible to make candles to a special order with different dimensions or shades of colour. The maximum length of candle we can produce is 45 cm.

Our 30 cm long candles burn for at least 12 hours!

You are very welcome to check out our range. We hope that we can inspire you to create a wonderful atmosphere every day thanks to our hand dipped candles!

You can order our candles via our order form! Order now!

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