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As far back as I can remember, we have always wanted to have our own company. Despite the lack of a specific plan, we have subconsciously headed toward this direction.

There was one thing we knew for sure: we wanted to create something, it had to be a specific product, something tangible, and useful but at the same time beautiful and subtle.

During our travels to Denmark we have discovered the magic of hand dipped candles. Their variety, rough structure and imperfection of appearance while at the same time showing a perfect burning quality delighted us. We started searching for similar products in Poland but without success, They were not the same. Then, the idea was born in our minds to produce the candles ourselves. So, we made a decision that we would open our own company! The equipment is ready, we are familiar with the technology and we have been trained in Denmark.

We have been searching for the best and purest materials. We were anxious to create a simple product that would fulfill our requirements: the candle must burn long with a bright, steady flame, without smoke, sizzling or dripping.


Candle light has not always been present with us in our everyday life, They are associated with a need for celebration of every single moment, not only those important events like baptism, communion or wedding but also enjoying meals together, or an evening with a good book, or just talking ...

We would like our candles to warm and light up your everyday life and to become an element of your surrounding! We want to add to the charm of your beautiful moments!


... you choose the occasion
we create the atmosphere...

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