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Currently, in our range we have candles available of 30 cm length and 22 mm diameter. We are able to produce hand dipped candles with different dimensions to a special order. Maximum possible length it's 45 cm.

In our range we have beautiful intense colours:

MD000 white
MD001 citrus
MD002 yellow
MD003 honey
MD004 nature
MD005 mandarine
MD006 orange
MD007 salmon pink
MD008 light red
MD009 red
MD010 dark red
MD011 blue
MD012 dark blue
MD013 lilac
MD014 violet
MD014a pink
MD015 maygreen
MD016 green
MD017 olive
MD018 dark green
MD019 petrol
MD020 brown
MD021 chocolate
MD022 black
MD022a grey

Thanks to our wide range, you will be able to find candles suitable for every interior and every occasion. For a special order we are able to produce candles in other shades than our standard colour range to meet your needs. Photos of the candle colours available at the moment can be found in our products gallery.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to place an order or contact us!

Before purchasing our candles, please read a few very important safety rules while burning our candles here!


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