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We use three types of materials of the best quality to produce our candles. We do not use any additives or other chemical substances which would increase the burning time or reduce the quantity of material used. We want our candles to remain pure, and, thanks to this, to burn with a bright flame, without smoke, sizzling, unpleasant smell or wax dripping.

We pay great attention to the quality of our candles, so you can feel the utmost pleasure in using them.

Paraffin Wax

The basic ingredient of each candle is paraffin wax. The quality of this dictates the way the candle burns. After many tests and meetings with producers we have chosen the best supplier. Paraffin wax for dipping is perfect for this type of production process, has excellent flow properties and enables us to create even layers of paraffin after each dipping. Its outstanding properties are also guaranteed by the "RAL quality mark", that only proven suppliers are awarded.


Our candles are coloured right the way through which means that we dye the paraffin that we dip candles from. We do not over dip ready candles made from pure paraffin. It allows us to obtain the very intense colours of our candles and stable burning.


Our wick is made 100% from pure cotton. In our opinion only this type of wick ensures the best quality and stable burning. Its thickness is suitable for the candle diameter which prevents paraffin dripping during burning. It burns gradually at an appropriate speed.

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